Helgrade is modern style meets purpose built riding apparel. It’s Fit for a King. It’s Fit for a Queen and it’s born to rule. It’s our Spirit of Independence, that desire to ride free. Whether you ride a Harley, a metric cruiser, a roadster or a cafe racer, we want you to feel damn good about spending your hard earned cash on our gear.

We believe that simple is better and we keep this at the heart of all we do. Simple, clean and attractive designs with the safety features built right into the very fabric of our creations. We wanted our gear to be minimalist in every way, so, no loud graphics and the logos are subtle and few.

We will offer different levels of protective riding apparel to cover the different needs of riders. We know that not every rider wants to wear full leather; so the safest jacket, glove, pant, or boot you could ever wear is the one you will actually put on. The more this can look and feel like everyday clothing, the better the chance that riders will wear it everyday and this is what we’re after.